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Works unrelated to the Disability x Sexuality writings

Ode to My Spine

Oh, my twisted petrified cactus, they think they know you don’t they?


Be Mean to Me

Attention, attention, it has come to my attention-

That compared to exclusion and subtleties, an honest ugly reaction has become my preference



Sometimes I wonder

If I weren’t intertwined with trip wires - 

If my spine was not stone - 

If I grew slightly closer to the sun - 


Reaper x Mortality

Pandora’s box opening surrounded me with fog and fear and screams. 


Not Your Cherub

Some mistake the burning 

embers on my skin as an angelic glow

but when you came closer — 



I think I’ve swallowed too much seawater 

An array of salts one’s not suppose to digest 


Tangible Feelings of Writing

A public diary

Wide eyed child

A quivering exhale



I've been feeling annoyed with myself for having more consistent mosquito bites of resentment towards people the more and more I unpack ableism.



Someone once asked me why I don’t write more about my joy. 

I’ve found I am quite poisoned and eroded from grief;


Deep Waters

I find myself dipping in deep waters despite knowing I cannot float

Still unsure if I run to feel the high or set my lungs ablaze



When people say my name

Finishing a roll of film 

The Leg Thing

Nostalgic songs


Scoliosis Awareness

I didn’t realize there’s a #scoliosisawareness day. At first I thought it was goofy because I’m pretty sure we’re all aware it exists.


Find Me

somewhere between optimistic nihilism and light hearted existentialism

Find me


Body Memory

Body memory is a strange thing. 

You think you’re good to go, with all your sound logic, adaptive emotional intelligence, and level mind.


Sisterly Survivor Guilt

I remember a time, months later, being on all fours 

in the middle of the living room floor, screaming at the ground in a full body sob - 


Defective vessel

Gnarled tree trunk

Indestructible alloy surrounded by softness 

Bottomless well of forgiveness


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