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Hi, I'm Trista.

I am a queer disabled photographer, writer, model, and interdisciplinary artist. My work is fueled by exploring human story and personal identity.


I am an advocate for disability issues and ableism awareness through personal and collaborative projects, with a strong focus on sexuality. I am driven by social justice values and involvement including environmental, racial, disability, and transformative justice and police abolition. 

My work in intimate portraits as a photographer focuses on breaking down barriers to illuminate vulnerability and individual personalities.

My driving force for making and intent of my artwork and advocacy practice is to cultivate joy and foster connectedness with each other and within ourselves. 


If you would like to speak with me, hear my perspective, or collaborate and work with me, please feel free to reach out:

Interviews & Publications

Speaking & Workshops

Clients & Collaborations

Cow Tipping Press

Out 4 Undergrad

Modern Witches Spring Convergence

St. John's University (Spectrum +CRS Global Justice Ambassadors)

The Brave Nude workshop


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Ai MN, 2014

Social Marketing Certificate

MCTC, 2019

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